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Buzz Brown
Buzz Brown (Tyna)

Buzz started dancing in 1938 and began calling in 1943. Formed "Bay Shore Twirlers" and called for "Jewel Squares", "Wagon Wheels", and "Balboa Park Group". In the 1950's and 1960's, he recorded for several record companies, including two square dance albums for Capitol Records. Buzz was one of the early traveling, professional callers in California.

Stan Bryan
Stan Bryan (Janis)

Stan was a noted choreographer with many of his creations appearing in Square Dancing magazine throughout the 1960's and 70's.

Pat Canet
Pat Canet (Bill)

Pat began dancing in 1960 and started calling in 1963. Founded "Canyon Capers" club and "No See Do-See-Dos", a blind square dance club. She also called for "Anns & Andys" and "Elks 1812 Squares". Served as the first co-president of the San Diego County Square Dance Caller's Association and again in 1982.

Dale Durban
"Dashing" Dale Durban (Rose)

Dale started dancing in 1952 and calling that same year. He called for the "Dynamic 8s" and "Square Eighters" clubs; served as president of the San Diego County Square Dance Caller's Association in 1972 and 1973. In the 1960's, Dale recorded for Dash Records out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Wil Eades
Wil Eades (Judy)

Ron East
Ron East (Deanne)

Ron started dancing in 1951 and calling the following year. During the 1956 National Convention held in San Diego, Ron helped obtain use of an aircraft carrier flight deck for the "Welcome To San Diego" dance; the only time that has been done. His experience in the electronics field made him invaluable to many callers in San Diego for his ability to repair and create equipment for calling.

Clark Elliott
Clark Elliott (Aileen)

Jack Elmore
Jack Elmore

Maria Fielding
Maria Fielding

In 1946, the San Diego City Parks & Recreation Department hired Jimmy Clossin (Hall of Famer & Milestone Recipient) to conduct a five day square dance institute, Maria was charged with the responsibilities of publicity and attendance for this event. Nine hundred attendees had to be divided into two shifts of classes and Maria recognized the public thirst for square dance instruction. She immediately began teaching square and round dancing - this was the beginning of square dancing in San Diego. Later the same year, she taught the first caller's class from which came many pioneering callers. She was instrumental in the formation of the San Diego Square Dance Association and served as it's treasurer for many years. Formed two exhibition groups, "Cotillionaires" and "Rondoliers", and was named the first life member of the San Diego County Square Dance Caller's Association. Ms. Fielding remained active in square and round dancing until her passing.

Dick Neumann
Dick Neumann

Don Pfister
Don Pfister (Dottie)

Don started dancing in 1956 and calling in 1958. He called for "Sundown Squares", "Tip Toppers", "Mavericks", and "Traveling Turtles" clubs. In the 1970's, Don recorded for Scope Records and Windsor Records, both in California.

Kenn Reid
Kenn Reid

Kenn started dancing in 1957 and calling that same year. Founded "Ranchers and Rancherettes", the largest teen square dance club in San Diego. He also called for "Cajon Square D's", "Valley Hoedowners", "Laws & Taws", "Lariats", "Oceanwavers", "Single Squares", "Vagabonds", and "R.B.'s". From 1977 to 1993, he was owner/publisher of "Local Square", the only privately published magazine for square dancers in San Diego. From 1988-1990, Kenn served as host of "Let's Square Dance", a San Diego TV program broadcast on eight Southern California cable networks. He also recorded for Wild West Records in California.

Chuck Reynolds
Chuck Reynolds

Chuck started dancing in 1954 and began calling in 1957. He called for "Hoofers 'n' Goofers" and was president of the San Diego County Square Dance Caller's Association.

Mike Woods
Mike Woods (Dee Osargent)

Mike started dancing in 1966 and began calling in 1977. He called for "Square Eighters" and "No See Do Si Dos" and was president of the San Diego County Square Dance Caller's Association. Mike founded the San Diego Square Dance Hall Of Fame in 1986. He also served as segment producer of "Let's Square Dance", a TV program broadcast on many Southern California cable networks, from 1988-1990.

Ann Walker
Ann Walker

Marvin Young
Marvin Young (Rose)

Marvin started dancing in 1964 and began calling in 1971. He called for "Sunrise Singles" and "Sundown Squares".


Special Honors

Ray Schweinforth

Ray Schweinforth (Linda)

Ray started dancing in 1961 and two weeks after graduation, began calling. He called for "Lighthouse Squares" and "Single Spinners" and is considered to be one of the most beloved and influential callers in San Diego.

"Back in 1980 when I started learning to become a caller, Ray Schweinforth was calling for Lighthouse Squares, Single Spinners and a number of other local San Diego clubs. Though I started my tutelage under Bud Brugman, Ray was truly the driving force behind my education - both as a caller and as a person.
"Ray would let me call at his dances, but he would set challenging limitations. He'd say "No Swing Thrus tonight" or "Only call from the first 33 Mainstream calls". This forced me to customize my calling and learn to work within the same limitations that a caller would find as a working professional. He was also widely known as a "smooth" caller and he worked very hard to drill into my teenage head the basics of styling and flowing choreography. One evening he asked me to call the patter portion of a tip. He was behind me on stage picking out a singing call record for us to share when I called "Dive Thru, centers Square Thru 3" I then realized the dancers were out of gear for a Left Allemande, so I called "Right and Left Thru". Of course, this meant the centers had to use their right hands twice. Ray turned and kicked me right in the seat of the pants! I haven't done that since.
"One night when he fell ill he asked me to call for the Single Spinners. A high-kicking, fun-loving crowd, they were always cutting in and out of squares, switching partners, etc. After the dance Ray called and I was devastated; I thought I'd done terribly. I told him "Ray - I could never get them back to their partners! Much less their corners!" He said, "Son, they don't care if they ever see their partners again, why should you?"
"Ray guided me through my education as a caller. More than turning me into a caller, he turned me into an adult. He was there for me and even now one of my darkest memories is the day we lost Ray on Christmas Day of 1986. I think of him every time I step onto a stage and he will always be in my heart."
-- Pat Caranthan, 2007

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