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Modern Western Square Dancing

This is a list of record labels specializing in square dance music. Many of these websites feature song clips and MP3 downloads. Music sites open in a new window, just close them when you're done to return here.

Music dealers are listed on the Supplies page.

Checkboxes are provided as a courtesy to help with this list. It is not necessary to use the checkboxes, if not desired. They can be used to keep track of sites to visit, sites to be re-visited, or sites that have already been visited. No record is kept of checkmarks, not even as a cookie on your own machine. Closing this page clears the checkmarks, or you can:

A & S Record Shop
Top 5 Monthly Clips (January 2003 to present).

The Dosado Shop
Monthly music clips (four month delay).

Music For Callers is an omnibus site listing music available from many labels specializing in square dance music.
Labels included are: Rhythm, ESP, Royal, Blue Star, Sting, Shakedown, Riverboat, Crown, LouMac, Gold Wing, Ego, Silver Sounds, Chaparral, Square Tunes, Tarheel, Fine Tune, Chinook, PMDO, Sharpshooter, New Beat, Gramophone, Double M, JR Records.

A & S Records
Global Music Productions. (The previous web site for Global Music Productions is out of date, please update any links or bookmarks to A & S.)
Another Beat Music
BRE-Music, Sharpshooter, Diamond, Shindig Productions, Bonanza Recordings, Gramophone Productions, Flying Records
Sharpshooter Youth Music Project
Blue Star
Blue Star
Dance Ranch
Hi Hat
1 World Recording
Online Music Clips (click once, hear all releases, patter or singing calls, 2003-2009).
Music clips are also available at
BVR Records
English translation via Google
Jens Klusmann, Peter Lauback, Thorsten Ueckermann, Bodo Von Reth
Music clips available at
Chuck & Debbie Veldhuizen
Full-length streaming music available for use live
Music also available for download, as CDs, and as vinyl.
Doug Davis, Nasser Shukayr, Daryl Clendenin, Jerry Junck, Bill Helms, Joe Saltel, Dan Nordbye, Randy Dibble, Bob Stutevoss, John KWaiser.
Circle D
Circle D
A Bar K
Music clips available at
Crown Records
Bob Worley, Matt Worley, Drew Scearce, Ed Pabst, Ko Iwata, Matt Asanuma, Naru Okamura, Steve Jacques, Andrea Soutter, Ken Bower, Gary Shoemake
Music clips available at
Double M Records
Jim Kline, Ingo Schumacher, Monk Moore, Darin Keith, Bear Miller, Steve Sullivan, Patty Greene, Lynn Strobel, Masaru Wada, Doug Davis, jay Morgan, Penny Lewis, Herb Franklin, Ralph Kornegay, Bill Yoeman, Tom Wallace, Doug PhillipsBill Bouknight.
Music clips available at the website
EGO Recordings
Paul Cote, Ted Lizotte, Art LaVigne
ESP Elmer Sheffield Productions
JoPat/ESP Records
Elmer Sheffield, Steve Kopman, Darryl McMillan, Bill Harrison, Tom Miller, Tim Marriner
Developmental MP3 Order Catalog has music clips.
Music clips also available at
Faultline R & R Video Corp.
Dance, Craft, and Educational Tapes & DVDs.
Fine Tune
Vic Kaaria, Rick Hampton, Rod Shuping, Phil Farmer, Eric Henerlau, Ken Ritucci, Charlie Robertson
Gold Wing Records
Eric Henerlau, Vic Kaaria, Phil Farmer, Rod Shuping, Rick Hampton, Lorne Clayton, Ken Ritucci, Charlie Robertson, Bear Miller
Gramophone Productions
Joe S. Kromer, Alex Johannisson, Jerry Jestin, Martin Kromer
Imperial Records
Larry Belcher, Wayne Nicholson, Willis Simmons
JR Records
Robert Kennedy
Lou-Mac Records
Don Wood, Robert Townsend, Ben Goldberg, Charlie Robertson, Dennis Young
New Beat Music
Bronc Wise, Carsten Nielsen, James Wyatt, Soren Lindergaard, Nils Trottmann
Ranch House
Chris Burchfield, Danny Weeks, Mark Turner, Darryl McMillan, Keith Rippeto, Tony Oxendine, Bill Terrell
Riverboat Records
Bob Elling
Music samples available on the website.
Rhythm Records
Ken Bower, Dee Dee Dougherty, Wade Driver, Marshall Flippo, Jerry Haag, Mike Seastrom, Gary Shoemake
Riverboat Records
Music samples online at 4 Shared
Contact Bob Elling (510) 278-8621
Rockin' M Records
Rockin' M
TJ Records
Royal Records (Membership Site)
Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine, Hunter Keller, Johnny Preston, Justin Russell, Patty Greene, Randy Dougherty
Shakedown Records
Pat Carnathan
Music clips at
Silver Sounds Records
Music Samples at
Square Tunes
Square Tunes, Pioneer, Thunderbird, Black Mountin Valley, Full Time Caller, Big Mac, Top, Pulse, Brahma, B Bar H, Family Squares, Falcon, Sundown Ranch, Golden Throat, Riverboat, Grenn, Scope, Sunny Hills, Sunshine Squares, Cloverleaf, Whispering Pines
Sting Productions
Token Records
Pauline Tucker, Dave Tucker & Barry Wootten
Extended vocal clips available on the home website.
Brief clips available at
Wagon Wheel

Other Lists of Record Labels

Vic Ceder

Square Dance Music Review Service

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Hanhurst's Music Review Service
CD format.
Online access.

Disclaimer: Links to other websites for square dance music are informational and do not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the San Diego Callers Association or any of its members.